The Showerwall Project

A smart waterproof system designed to suit any project.

Quickly waterproof a space with our high-quality wall panelling made with a plywood core; built to last and easy to install. This selected range of versatile decors ensures a stylish interior for any environment.

Read on to see how Showerwall Project waterproof wall panels can benefit these 3 key environments or click to download the Showerwall Project Brochure.

Social Housing

We understand that meeting the growing demand for housing is a challenge. This is why Showerwall has been developed to ensure that renovations and upgrades are completed as quickly as possible.

Tiled bathroom
Before Update
White Sparkle in a social housing scheme
After Update


With the capability to fit over existing tiles, renovating a bathroom with Showerwall creates a lot less mess. It also allows a much faster fit than tiles to ensure your budget is spent more efficiently across multiple properties. See our before and after images to see the impact Showerwall Project can have on a space.


Our panels can be fitted to make a shower area completely waterproof in less than a day; reducing property downtime and the time specialist trades spend on-site.


Thanks to our watertight Sureseal and trim system, Showerwall requires next to no maintenance with a simple wipe clean surface. The no grout characteristics and our enclosed four-point Sureseal system provides a long-standing mould-free solution.


A range of neutral decors selected to look great in both shower enclosures and above bathtubs allows flexibility across multiple properties. The honed range also reduces decor selection time to increase project momentum.

Student Accommodation

Azure blue Showerwall waterproof wall panels fitted in student accomodation
Acrylic Azure

With a particularly high turnover, the student accommodation sector has the potential to realise huge cost savings from a durable and low maintenance solution.


Start and finish in less than a day with our quick to install wall panelling system. Installation time is significantly reduced as unlike tiles, there is no drying time or grout required; ensuring that often tight on-site schedules are not impacted.


Through Showerwall’s exceptional durability, grout free characteristics and 10-year guarantee, the need for regular replacement is reduced to ensure a longer life cycle compared to tiles.


Engineered for a watertight finish, Showerwall’s grout free surface is wipe clean and completely eliminates the risk of mould. This reduces any maintenance required by facilities teams and ensures the highest level of hygiene is retained.


Our range of decors which offers clean neutrals and timeless colours have been selected to appeal to a broad range of potential renters by achieving a contemporary look for a fraction of the expected cost.

Less-abled Living

Ivory marble accessible shower space
Ivory Marble

We recognise that there are a number of key considerations when selecting products for care homes. Showerwall is an ideal product for areas which require increased accessibility and hard wearing credentials.


Our smart wall panelling system allows you to cost-effectively waterproof an area. This is thanks to reduced material costs and fit in a day capabilities with no need for grout.


Our range of neutral decors ensures a colour palette that everyone can enjoy and a stylish interior for any environment. The selected decors suit many styles; meaning that a variety of areas can be covered with one design, reducing the hassle associated with selection and cost.


Thanks to our watertight Sureseal and trim system, Showerwall requires next to no maintenance with a simple wipe clean surface. This reduces time spent cleaning by facilities teams and ensures the highest level of hygiene is retained.


Due to the nature of the panel material, specialist accessories such as grab bars and shower seats can be quickly and easily installed. You can even do this retrospectively, allowing you to create a shower area that is fit for purpose for any occupant.


For shower areas that require increased accessibility, our Proclick technology speeds up the fitting process by allowing a large area to be quickly covered and sealed without the need for joining trims. These walls appear seamless with almost invisible joints and provide a low maintenance solution to a large space.


Ensuring that your room is built to meet the quality expectations of the occupant is important to us. With our durable waterproof system, you can be sure the results achieved at the time of installation will remain for years to come, all of which are covered with our 10-year guarantee.

Our Honed Range of Decors

This versatile palette has been selected to ensure a stylish interior for any environment, through a neutral palette of naturally inspired HPL decors and a selection of timeless glass-like Acrylic colours.

HPL Decors

HPL Decors

Acrylic Decors

Acrylic Decors

Showerwall Project Panel Sizes

Showerwall Project Panel Sizes Available

View our HPL and Acrylic fitting guides to see how easy Showerwall Project is to install.