Why Choose Shower Panels Instead of Tiles?

Many people arrive at Showerwall having been searching for an alternative to tiles. The fact that they are already using the word ‘alternative’ suggests that they understand the short comings of traditional ceramic tiles. So if that’s you and in order to get things down on paper so to speak why might you choose shower panels instead of tiles?

The Benefits Of Shower Panels Instead Of Tiles


Fitting Speed

Undertaking tiling to a good level requires a skilled tradesman and like any skilled tradesman they come at a cost, anything from £25-40 an hour (MAY 17). That’s not to say Showerwall doesn’t require a degree of skill to install but it is an easier proposition to tiling and you may be able to employ a more general property maintenance/handy person to install at around £20-30 an hour (MAY 17).

Given the size of the sheets, it’s also much quicker to install since you cover more space, this means you’re also employing a fitter for less time.


The cost of both Showerwall and tiles will differ from retailer to retailer and will also be affected by the geographical location you live or shop in. Tiles in a swish London showroom will cost you far more than a job lot from a plumbers merchant in Stoke. Furthermore the decor, colour and size of tile will impact cost.

If you choose a comparable finish of tile and compare the cost in terms of square metres, Showerwall will more than hold it’s own. You’ll need to do this on at a local level to get an accurate comparison. Check out your local Showerwall dealers.

Less Mess

Fitting Showerwall is a relatively dry process. Tiling a wall after the surface has been prepared still requires 2 wet stages. Applying mortar to bed the tile into and then grouting once dry. This can be a messy process. At it’s most basic Showerwall simply requires a synthetic rubber/resin mix (that’s special glue!) panel adhesive to bond the panel to the bathroom wall.

Easier To Change

Let’s face it Avocado tiles aren’t to everyone’s taste. If you’ve ever moved into a property you may have come face to face with someone else’s choice of decor, specifically the tiling. Those flowery numbers from the 70’s just aren’t you but removing and replacing them is a big job. Even a decent tiler will take half of the plastered wall away with them when removing and this process takes time.

If you fancy a change of Showerwall it will be relatively easy to ease from the wall. Let’s be right it won’t all be plain sailing but by comparison far easier. You can also use the old panel as a template for the new one, useful if you’ve fitted around windows or other features. By the way, if your existing bathroom does have tiling you’d rather people didn’t see then did you know you can actually fit Showerwall directly over the top? You do now. Here are some further tips for sprucing up your bathroom.

It Won’t Discolour

Tiling looks great when it’s first installed but over a period of time they can look grotty. This is particularly true of the grouting which with a white grout will turn orange/pink in a shower space. Yes, you can clean this and furthermore replace it or white over with a pen. It’s still time and expense though, Showerwall requires a simple wipe and the finish will not discolour.

Azure Blue

The Benefits Of A Tiled Bathroom Wall

It wouldn’t be a fair comparison if we don’t look at some of the benefits of a tiled wall. Who doesn’t like tiling? What with all the designs and intricate detail you can incorporate.

Lots Of Choices

While Showerwall has 70+ designs and growing it’s fair to say that the choice of tiles available has us beat. There are literally 1000’s of designs available, in every colour and style imaginable. However, can you have a family photo blown up and applied to tiles? A picture of your cat even? No, you can’t, but you can with Showerwall. Check out the bespoke design service, by simply supplying us with a digital file.

Can Be Repaired

It’s not to say that Showerwall can’t be repaired it’s just that an average householder will be more accustomed to replacing a tile or repairing grout lines.

Tradesman More Familiar With Tiles

There are plenty of tilers around. Pick up a free local supplement and you can find all manner of companies that will come out and tile your new bathroom and everyone’s got a mate that can do it too. It’s not quite as easy to identify a Showerwall installer. Chances are though if you give a tiler, builder or local handyman a call they will be able to do it as essentially it’s just another form of wall cladding, in layman’s terms.

Ultimately this blog piece is not about trying to make tiling out to be the root of all evil. It’s fair to say though that Showerwall shower panels instead of tiles have significant benefits related to cost, fitting speed and upheaval. So why not browse our latest designs here and order a free sample furthermore check out our unique online App to find your preferred style.