What is Fenix NTM?

What is Fenix NTM?

This year we launched our incredible designer collection; Showerwall Infinity. Within that range we introduced two super-matt, soft touch décors with the very sophisticated sounding names Grigio Efeso and Rosa Colorado and explained in our brochure, these décors are fabricated from the SMART material Fenix NTM. But what exactly is Fenix NTM and why is it such a great choice for shower panels?

The Nanotechnology in NTM

NTM stands for NanoTech Matt, meaning that Fenix is made of nanotechnology. Put simply, nanotechnology is really clever, really tiny technology. ‘Nano’ signifies one billionth (1,000,000,000th) of something, in this case it’s one billionth of a metre. To give you some perspective, your little finger is about 10 million nanometres in diameter and your fingernails grow about 1 nanometre every second of every day.

nano scale showing size of fenix ntm

Why Fenix NTM is Really Cool

Imagine a material that can heal scratches, has a true lightfast matt surface that never shows fingerprints. Furthermore is super hygienic and is highly resistant to solvents and reagents. That’s what Fenix brings to the table… or shower in this case.

Fenix NTM closely resembles regular high pressure laminate in appearance and practical application but that is where the similarities end. This material is actually something entirely new, very different, and a definite upgrade on the humble sheet of laminate.

The surface of Fenix NTM makes use of its nanostructure to enable its unique and highly specialised characteristics. On a microscopic level, the irregular and undulating arrangement of Fenix is responsible for the material’s very low light reflectivity and thermo-healing properties in particular. Fenix is characterized by acrylic resins that are hardened and fixed with an Electron Beam Curing process.

So what does that all mean for Showerwall? Here are 5 reasons why Fenix NTM is the perfect material for a shower panel.

Clean Freaks Rejoice!

Hygiene is obviously one of the biggest concerns in the bathroom, particularly for those people with young families. If you select one of the amazing Fenix NTM décors, you get a shower panel that is easy to clean, compatible with ordinary household cleaners (although we do recommend the Showerwall SuperClean), and has great antibacterial & antifungal properties.

Fenix Maintains Its Colour

Boasting excellent colour depth and extreme colour fastness, Fenix NTM won’t bleach or discolour like wallpaper or tiles. Trust us, you could stick it in direct sunlight for as long as you want and it won’t make the slightest bit of difference to the colour. All of this means that your bathroom panel will maintain that ‘just decorated’ crispness for longer; looking as good as the day you purchased it for many years to come. Obviously this is great for those people who are not planning on changing their bathroom décor too frequently.

Matt is Bang on Trend

Maybe you are tired of gloss finishes and are looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your bathroom. Matt décors are massively fashionable in interior design circles at present. The same can also be said for grey décors such as Grigio Efeso, which according to House to Home Magazine are experiencing a renaissance in bathroom design right now. So if you’re looking to show your friends just how designer “chic” you are, choosing Fenix in the bathroom might be a good place to start.

Water repellent

As you would expect from a material that is frequently exposed to moisture, Fenix repels water pretty darn well – making it a great material to make a shower panel from! No soggy spots on the surface, no gathering mildew, just a great looking surface.

Value for money

Grigio Efeso and Rosa Colorado are taken from the Showerwall Infinity collection meaning that they do (admittedly) cost a little more than other décors in the Showerwall range. However we believe that the performance, durability and interior design benefits make it worth that little extra investment.

What we can tell you is that using Fenix NTM Showerwall panels represents better value for money than tiling. Check out our previous piece for some pretty convincing reasons as to why we think that.