Showerwall Style: Transforming British Bathrooms

Showerwall’s exciting range of bathroom wall panels has been created to work with both contemporary and traditional bathroom and wetroom spaces. They bring practicality as well as a breath of fresh air and inspiration to bathing interiors. But which are the most popular finishes? What are the panels that find their way into most bathrooms across the UK? In no particular order we reveal the top 5 styles of sample swatches in 2017 requested by you.

Dreamy Whispering Grass in Metallic Grey

Infinity Metallic Whispering Grass

Part of the Showerwall Infinity collection the Whispering Grass range of décors forms part of an innovative and unique selection of designs created expressly for Showerwall by internationally renowned designer Lars Contzen.

Whispering Grass, specifically in grey metallic offers a contemporary finish that has proven to appeal to people with modern homes. It provides a creative and graphical representation of grass that is easy on the eye yet not too overbearing.

Furthermore tones of grey are currently on trend in the world of interior design, and Whispering Grass Metallic Grey promotes this concept. Grey décors work effectively to partner a range of bathroom designs, colours and textures, partnering well with both light and dark shades and tones.


Ubiquitous White Sparkle

White Sparkle Showerwall behind radiator

Move from cool grey to the subtle and effective White Sparkle, creating a simple and attractive pattern for both large and small spaces. This is arguably the most popular finish of shower panel on the market, loved by homeowners as well as commercial organizations such as shop fitters and large public sector organisations.

Designed around a gentle glitter and dazzle effect, White Sparkle is also one of Showerwall’s most popular designs. The seamless joints effortlessly providing a glamorous modern twist on the simple and traditional white bathroom interior.


Warm & Luxurious Oxidised Copper

oxidised copper showerwall

For the more design conscious, beautiful warm tones of Oxidised Copper, create a rich and luxurious effect. This year, copper features are being used to create some of the most stylish and on trend interiors as a welcome revival of a 70s classic aesthetic, updated and modernized for today’s market.

The texture and colour of copper enhances neutral shades and contrast perfectly with bolder, more adventurous hues, providing a classical yet futuristic accent for any interior design scheme. This design seems to work well in more spacious bathroom interiors.


Relaxing White Galaxy

White Galaxy Showerwall

If your bathroom is a relaxation zone, take a look at the effects that can be created with White Galaxy bathroom wall panels. A soft and subtle finish at first glance, White Galaxy transforms with the addition of angled spotlight or candlelight, with the small flecks catching and reflecting the light to provide a perfect spa-like experience with an array of twinkling stars. In daylight, White Galaxy provides the ideal blank canvas to complement your chosen colours and textures.

What’s better is that White Galaxy is one of the simpler and cheaper finishes of Showerwall panel available, it also goes with just about every style of bathroom.



Understated Pergamon Marble

Pergamon Marble Swatch

Italian design and style at its very best. The classic Pergamon Marble finish is ideal for those wanting to achieve a more classical, high end yet understated look for their bathing spaces. Choose from a range of different shades and effects to create a cool, polished and seamless finish. Your feedback tells us this design is regularly partnered with traditional bathroom sanitary ware to achieve a period or classic look.




Into the future

We love to hear which designs you like and how you’ve used them in your bathroom space or perhaps elsewhere in your home. Please use the comments below for your feedback or suggestions for future styles and remember you can always use our online Visualiser to try all our latest Showerwall finishes and colours.