How to Choose the Perfect Tile Alternatives for a Bathroom Renovation

There’s nothing like the durability of tiles. When it comes to a home shower, durability is key.

Your shower goes through the wringer in its lifetime, so whatever you choose to waterproof it with needs longevity on its side.

Though tiling is the obvious choice for most showers, many people may consider tiling outdated or just too expensive.

Luckily, tiles are not your only means of shower waterproofing available on the market today.

If you’re looking for tile alternatives for a bathroom makeover, here are some of the best options.

Popular Tile Alternatives for your Bathroom

Tiles have long been a popular option for shower protection as they are relatively low-maintenance and incredibly durable.

They are easy to clean, mould-resistant with enough care, hardwearing and elegant. Despite this, shower wall tiles aren’t your only choice.

If you’re looking to mix it up a little with alternative shower materials, here are a few options to consider:

1. Acrylic Panels

Acrylic shower panels offer a smooth and seamless look to your shower. These acrylic panels are hard wearing and have been reinforced with glass fibres.

Due to their seamless nature, there’s less chance of water damage and leakage along seam lines and into the foundations of your bathroom and creating an eye-catching feature wall. 

Acrylic is an excellent shower material option because it’s difficult to dent, scratch or crack. There’s also little chance of mould growth on or behind the panels.

Acrylic is also a non-porous material so it’s completely water and stain-resistant which ensures your shower remains clean and modern for a lifetime.

Acrylic walls offer the ideal option for durability when compared to bathroom tiles, limitless amounts of shine and are also quick and easy to install.

2. PVC Panels

This is one of the most affordable shower material options on the market today.

PVC is also hard-wearing, completely seamless and does not allow for mould growth on the panels or behind the shower unit.

If you’ve recently listed your home for sale and looking to renovate a bathroom too, PVC is the ideal option without breaking the bank! Cheap to buy and install, PVC is a great way of adding a splash of colour and new feel to your bathroom. 

Finally, if the PVC panels are damaged or cracked it’s simple and inexpensive to replace. They also work well on ceilings as well as walls because of their lightness.

3. Marble

If you’re looking for a custom-made option to waterproof your shower, marble is the way to go.

A little pricier than other materials, marble is a beautifully malleable material which can be milled to your exacting specifications. Crafted so each design is truly unique, marble adds a whole new look to your once worn down bathroom. 

If correctly cared for, marble is a material which can last a lifetime with scuffing, chipping, fading or scratching. It’s also 100% mould resistant.

Despite the cost, marble is a show-stopping material which can instantly add to the value of your home. Here you’ll be able to recoup on your original investment and then some!

If you can’t afford the real deal then check out the Showerwall equivalent.

4. Stainless Steel

While not your standard type of shower material, stainless steel offers an extremely modern look and feel to any bathroom.

Ideally, 28-gauge stainless steel sheets should be used for shower coverings, which must be mounted over concrete board.

Stainless steel is a versatile material which can be cut and shaped to fit any size shower. It’s also hard-wearing and offers a truly long-lasting alternative for shower material.

Make sure all seams are caulked with silicone to prevent leaking and mold growth between and behind the panels.

5. Stone Resin

Stone resin is a great alternative to shower floor tile or shower wall tiles as its incredibly strong, durable and sleek.

It can last a lifetime and is most certainly worth the original investment considering you’ll never need to redo your shower.

It’s 100% crack, chip, scuff, and mould resistant and offers a warmer feel on the feet when compared to other materials perfect for those cold winter nights. 

If you live in a colder climate, stone resin is a great option for this reason. Make sure to choose a textured stone for the tray of your shower to prevent slips and injury.

6. Wood Shower Walls

Natural wood is aesthetically pleasing and looks great within the shower area. Sadly it might not last long as after a while they can warp due to the high moisture within the area. If you’re looking for a wooden effect which will stand the test of time consider Showerwall’s Nautical Wood panel. It offers the stunning look of wood without the worry of warping.  

7. Paint

Paint is an easy and reasonably priced way of sprucing up your shower. It allows for endless creativity. Previously, paint didn’t offer a durable solution like tiles. Now, there is specialised paint which is moisture-resistant, steam resistant and wipeable allowing you to be creative in your bathroom.

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