Tile Alternatives: 7 Stylish Bathroom Tiling Alternatives

The sheer resilience and endurance of tiles have made them a preferred choice for bathroom and shower fittings. These qualities are indispensable, especially for a home shower, where constant exposure to water necessitates durability. Home showers withstand extensive wear and tear over their lifespan, and hence the material selected for waterproofing must possess longevity.


While tiles have traditionally been a popular choice for showers, some might find them to be outdated in the face of contemporary, alternative options. Additionally, the cost of tiles might not be within everyone’s budget. The good news is that in the current age, tiles are not the only shower waterproofing option available. If you are considering bathroom remodels or simply seeking alternatives to tiles, there are several other materials to choose from.


Exploring Popular Tile Alternatives for your Bathroom

Tiles have earned their place in the bathrooms due to their low-maintenance nature and impressive durability. They are easy to clean, effectively resist mould with proper care, are sturdy, and offer a range of stylish designs. However, they are not your sole option when it comes to shower walls.


For those open to exploring different materials for shower fittings, here are some worthwhile considerations:


Acrylic Panels

Acrylic shower panels can dramatically transform your bathroom, lending it a sleek, seamless appearance. They are constructed from robust materials, reinforced with fibreglass, and have a seamless design that minimises the risk of water damage and leakage along the joints. Acrylic as a material is excellent for showers because it resists dents, scratches, or cracks. It is also non-porous, making it water and stain-resistant. These features ensure your shower retains its pristine and contemporary look for an extended period.



For those desiring a bespoke, high-end option for their shower, marble is worth considering. While pricier than other materials, marble’s beauty is undeniable, and its flexibility means it can be milled to your exact specifications.Marble, if properly maintained, can last a lifetime without experiencing scuffing, chipping, fading, or scratching. Besides, it is 100% mould resistant, adding to its longevity and value.


Stainless Steel

Although not a traditional choice for showers, stainless steel can provide a striking, ultra-modern touch to any bathroom. This versatile material can be cut and shaped to fit any size shower, lending it a unique, industrial aesthetic. Furthermore, its durability makes stainless steel a genuinely long-lasting alternative for shower materials.


Stone Resin

Stone resin offers a fabulous alternative to traditional shower floor tiles or shower wall tiles. Not only is it incredibly robust and durable, but it also boasts a sleek, modern appearance. Its resistance to cracks, chips, scuffs, and mould make it a dependable choice. Stone resin also offers a warmer feel underfoot compared to other materials, making it an ideal selection for colder climates.


Wood Shower Walls

While natural wood adds an appealing, warm aesthetic to the shower area, its longevity can be compromised due to the high moisture levels. If you desire the rustic charm of wood without the worry of warping, consider Showerwall’s Nautical Wood panel, which is designed to withstand the test of time.



Paint is a simple, affordable, and creative way of revamping your shower. Modern advances in paint technology have led to the production of specialised paint that is moisture-resistant, steam resistant, and easily cleaned. This allows for a personalised, budget-friendly option for your bathroom.


In Search of Stunning Shower Wall Materials?

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