Upgrade Your Bathroom with these Essential Smart Tech Gadgets

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Homes are becoming smarter, and that means the bathroom is becoming smarter too. As well as undertaking simple style updates more and more people are transforming their bathroom into a place they can really interact with. By doing this, they are making it a more practical, fun place to be as well as improving the value of their home overall. Here are 11 bathroom gadgets and pieces of smart tech for your dream bathroom that you might want to consider installing.

1. In-wall waterproof TVs

This is already a very popular piece of bathroom technology and many people already have one installed. Lots of these TVs are full HD and completely waterproof, so you can enjoy all of your favourite programs as you shower or bathe – you don’t need to worry about the TV becoming damaged. They’re also completely touch screen, so no remote control is needed.

For the ultimate sound, you could even have speakers installed directly under your shower. A good waterproof TV can cost a pretty penny; you’re looking at £1000 and upwards. However, it could be a great investment if you love to relax in the bathroom and catch up on your favourite shows. It even just looks great, and it’s good to have the option if you want it!

2. Whirlpools with mood effect lighting

A whirlpool bath has to be one of the most relaxing and luxury items for your bathroom. They’re a little pricier than your regular bath, usually costing anywhere from £500 upwards. Whirlpool systems in the bath can make gentle bubbles in the water and even help to massage and relax you as you bathe.

Having mood lighting installed is going to seriously up that relaxation factor and help to create an amazing atmosphere in your bathroom. You’ll feel like you’re in a spa or a place far, far away as you relax in one of these baths. Installing lights for your whirlpool bath can cost anywhere from £100 and upwards. This will depend on the type of light you want and how many! In most cases, you can get both the bath and the lighting as a whole package. This is going to ramp up the cost considerably and the size will also have an impact. These baths can be far more fun if they’re built for two!

3. WC wash ‘n’ dry bidet systems

A wash ‘n’ dry bidet system could potentially make toilet paper obsolete for the people in your household. The toilet will automatically flush for you, wash you, and then dry you off before you go on your merry way. Not only is this great for just about any individual, it’s especially great for those with limited mobility or perhaps needs a carer to perform everyday hygiene tasks. Disabled people and elderly people could completely revolutionise their lives with something like this.

These toilet systems currently cost upwards of £1500 for those who want them. Many people will have toilets like this in the future! For now, most of us will make do with an add-on or portable device to achieve this.

Although these toilets cost a lot when you think of the amount of time and money you’re going to save in the long run it could be a smart investment to make.

4. A TV in your bathroom mirror

If you don’t like to miss a second of your favourite TV shows, this could be a great addition for you. A TV inside your mirror could mean you’re watching ‘Good Morning Britain’ as you brush your teeth! You won’t be able to see it at all when it’s switched off, so it just looks like a regular mirror. When you switch it on, you can enjoy any programme you like and kill two birds with one stone. Why not make your mirror work harder?

5. Shave and save!

Having one of these in your bathroom is going to save you from buying umpteen adapters. Plugging in your shaver to use or charge doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. These kinds of sockets are even great for your toothbrush, and won’t cost you as much as you think. You should expect to pay around £50 to make your life easier. It’s probably cheaper than a number of adapters you’d buy over time!

6. Clear and clean with demisting pads

Demisting pads for mirrors are going to change your life. We’ve all taken a long, steamy shower or a red-hot bath, only to get out and realise we can’t see ourselves in the mirror. If you wipe the mirror with your hand or a towel, you’re probably going to get smudge marks and make it look gross. Waiting for the steam to go away can take time away from what you’re actually supposed to be doing.

What’s the solution? Demisting pads! These pads ensure that you have a perfectly clear bathroom mirror, even after the steamiest of showers. It might seem like a minor thing, but you won’t realise how much you appreciate it until you experience it. It’ll save you so much time cleaning the mirror and getting ready! You can wash your face, brush your teeth, and do your make up without having to wait for the steam to go away. These pads have a 10-year warranty so you won’t have to live with annoying steamy mirrors for a long time.

7. Tap into smart taps

Smart taps are the taps of the future. They all do different things, depending on how smart you decide to go, and your budget. The high-end taps and showers will use facial recognition so they know exactly who you are, and then use the data they’ve gathered about the way you like to bathe to adjust the water temperature accordingly. No need to mess around with taps to find the perfect temperature anymore, as it will all be saved by the device. Touchscreen even allows weather forecasts and you can access your emails while you soak. This means you can plan your day perfectly while you bathe!

Even if you choose to go for a basic digital smart tap, it’ll detect when you’re there and begin running the water. You will be able to pre-set the temperature too! All this tech also means you’re using resources more carefully, going green can be fun!

8. Shower sound – LED shower heads with inbuilt speakers

Having unique shower heads these days is all the rage. Now you get to choose between so much more than what you want the water to feel like on your skin. Rain shower heads are amazing and can help to give you a really relaxing shower. You can now even get shower heads that have speakers built in! If you love your showers and music, then you can listen to your favourite playlist by using a shower head with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. This is a great bathroom gadget for all you would be singers, you can sing as loudly as you want and have your music playing along with you!

9. Live life in luxury with a toilet seat warmer

Isn’t it awful when you need the toilet and the seat is freezing cold? With a toilet seat warmer, you’ll always have a comfortable seat waiting for you in the bathroom. There are even some that can clean themselves! That’s right, you’ll always be sure that your toilet is fresh and clean! However, they are costing hundreds if not a few thousand for those who want to own them. It’s thought that pretty soon prices will drop so that everybody has an intelligent toilet in their bathroom!

10. Plan ahead with a programmable shower

Turning the shower on and off isn’t very technical. Now you can personalise your shower time using a programmable shower, with nine separate scenarios using a digital touchscreen. Lighting, temperature, and volume levels can allbe adjusted from an audio device depending on what kind of shower you want to have. You can also pre-set it for a defined length of time if you know how long you want to be in the shower, or to send you off to work in good time. Even the amount of water can be tracked so you can cut back, great if you’re on a water meter. This will help you to save money on your bills as well as save the environment, so it’s a pretty good investment to make.

11. Bathe with a built-in sound system

Now you can listen to anything you want through the bath, without having to take any of your precious technology into the bathroom with you. You even get some original compositions with some of these baths, so you can use them to help you relax if you don’t have anything to listen to. The sound will vibrate through the water when the bath is full!

12. Alexa what’s the traffic like?

With built-in technology such as Alexa checking the weather, traffic and even Facebook notifications have become much simpler. Now you can check the traffic before whilst you brush your teeth, check tomorrow’s weather whilst in the shower and even check Facebook before you head to bed. But don’t panic, these features turn off when you’re not using them.

13. Waterpebble

Every day we’re conscious of our impact on the environment. With the Waterpebble, you can become more eco-conscious or simply save some money on your water bill. The pebble device measures the water which goes down the plug hole, using your first shower as a benchmark. The idea is that your water usage is reduced a little each time you shower, helping you save water without having to think about it too much. It can also be reset at anytime.


What new bathroom gadgets & tech are on the horizon?

With all of this pretty much available to anybody who has the budget for it right now, what can you expect on the horizon for bathroom tech? You should expect most bathrooms to take eco-friendly solutions into account. Many elements of the bathroom will consider water usage, temperature, and other things that can help the environment.

The design of the bathroom will be far more free-flowing too, with elements of the bathroom having curved rather than straight lines. Everything will feel lighter and airier. There will be controls for just about everything, from the exact temperature you want your water, to what you want playing on the speakers in your bath. This means that you can have a personalised, spa-like bathroom experience every time.