Emerging Bathroom Trends For 2017

When it comes to interior design trends nothing remains the same for long. What were trending bathroom designs at the start of 2016 are a distant memory now. But what are the trends of 2017 going to be? More importantly to this blog what are the bathroom trends that will stick around long after 2017. It’s not always possible to predict every style that is going to become popular. We can, however, see some of the trends that are emerging, and which look set to do well in the year ahead and beyond.

Dark and Moody Colours

Navy Subway

Right now, dark and moody colours are making a huge comeback in interior design this year and the bathroom space is no exception. Above all, grey is becoming more popular – especially tints with matt finishes. On top of that, grey-blues and black and white colour schemes are on trend this year too. When you can consider all the shades, textures and hues available, these dark and moody colours don’t have to be as dull and boring as you might assume.

“Darker tones, especially the rich palette of grey hues, are proving to be enormously popular. In the bathroom, they can be used on the walls and floor, and juxtaposed against brilliant white sanitaryware for maximum visual impact,” says Kyle Turner from Luximo.

You can give your bathroom an update and make it appear moody yet tranquil if you use shades of grey and monochrome when formulating its colour scheme. Greens are also increasing in popularity, so keep that in mind. When used properly, they can really add something new to the room’s overall look and feel. Contrast helps make your bathroom appear striking too; that’s why black and white styles are also trending at the moment.

Copper and Brass

If you want something that goes well with blacks and dark greys, you should consider copper or brass features in your bathroom this year. These are a stylish revival of a 70’s classic aesthetic and can be used to create design elements and bathroom features that are fresh and interesting to look at it. The texture and colour of copper features always stand out in a way that no other material can.

“We love coppers” Nigel Palmer, Marketing Director, CP Hart – “What we’re seeing is older, traditional materials and finishes, but with a fresh and modern style”

Copper sinks and even bathtubs can be bought if you want to make the material a big part of the bathroom. However given the expense of copper you may wish to settle for smaller accessories and perhaps features that are made from cheaper brass. Use as much or as little of it as you want to. Either way, it will look good in a bathroom with a darker colour scheme, so give it some thought.

Using Classic Materials in New Ways

Copper and brass are not the only materials that you should have in mind when creating the new look for your bathroom. There are so many interesting things you can do with unique and classic materials. Just because materials are associated with older styles, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in new and aesthetically pleasing ways. This is something that more and more homeowners and designers are starting to realise.

For example, using oak and timber in the bathroom is something that is going to happen a lot this year. People are rediscovering the power and quality of classic and timeless materials that have been neglected in the bathroom for a number of years. Wood is going to be very popular, and it will be used in all kinds of ways, from shower interiors to oak cabinets.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Plant Wall

There is something that feels so right about bringing outdoor elements into your bathroom. After all, the bathroom is supposed to be a place where you go to relax, a haven that’s separate from the rest of your home. By adding natural elements to it, making your bathroom a haven of relaxation becomes a lot easier. It’s something that many people will be experimenting with this year.

“Bring nature in and make it as fun and enjoyable to use as possible” – Christian Sieger, Sieger Design.

One of the biggest bathroom trends is the use of plants and flowers in bathroom designs, they’re not just extra add-ons. Instead, they can be an integral part of a room’s design. Flowers add colour to a room that sorely needs it, or palms can contribute an extra freshness if that’s what you want. Greenery can certainly soften the impact to cool tiles, ceramic fixtures and the on trend urban concrete panel look that’s also popular this year.

Technology Bathroom Trends

Technology is having an impact on every aspect of our lives, and now technology is entering the bathroom too. Smart technologies can be used in all kinds of ways. Digitally printed shower panels will be used in bathroom designs more than ever this year. And waterproof TVs are growing in popularity as well. You should try to include some modern tech in your bathroom if you want to create a forward-thinking cutting edge bathroom.

Eco-friendly technology is also having a big impact on how bathrooms are designed right now. One of the things that matters most is water-saving features. You can get taps and toilets that save water and make your bathroom more environmentally friendly than it currently is. Many people are thinking about making their homes and living a greener life and these technologies can help you do that.

Patterned Tiles on the Floor

Patterned tiles are making a comeback. Plain and boring tiles are no longer in fashion. The patterns you can get vary wildly, so have a look at what you can find. Don’t hold back, and don’t be afraid to try new things that you would never have considered before. Mediterranean patterns and motifs are going to be particularly popular in 2017, so you might want to opt for those kinds of designs.

Geometric patterns can also look great on your bathroom floor. They create a classic style, meaning that they will look timeless as well as on trend for 2017. It’s a relatively cheap change to make to your bathroom, but the visual impact those new tiles will have will be huge, so don’t underestimate them.

Bold Prints and Wallpapers


This year, bathrooms are going to be bolder and more daring in terms of their visual design than they ever have been before. A big part of this is due to the new ideas that are being tried out on bathroom walls. Bold prints and wallpapers are going to be a big trend in the year ahead. There are no limits to what you can do with the prints and wallpapers and if you want to bring a bold design to a space that needs to be waterproof then look no further than Whispering Grass shower panels from the Infinity range.

“Bold Prints are going to be a prominent force in surfaces in bathroom interiors moving forward” Rachel Martin, Merchandising Director, CP Hart

People are starting to use these as a way to express themselves and imprint some of their personality onto the bathroom’s overall design. You can use your wall as a way to experiment and try new things with works of art and patterns that you like. Some people use these bold prints and wallpapers on all their walls. Whereas others simply create one feature wall and paint the rest with a single colour. Also remember that our flagship Showerwall product the ‘Infinity Range’ has a bespoke design option that you can really impose your own style and personality on.

More Marble

Marble is all about luxury, and luxurious materials are making a huge comeback in bathroom designs at the moment. When you add more marble to your bathroom, you make the room more classy and more elegant. The cost associated with marble features might put some people off, but it’s a material that is suited to bathrooms and is highly durable as well. if you are on a budget you could consider marble finished Showerwall panels.

“Luxury materials like marble are becoming the norm” Nigel Palmer – Marketing Director, CP Hart

You know that when you have your marble fixtures in place you’ll be able to rely on them for years to come. Marble is classic and timeless and will look great way beyond the 2017 trend unlike many of the more faddy trends. It’s not a coincidence that more bathroom designs are now incorporating marble detailing; it looks great and suits a growing number of people’s bathroom design needs.

Minimalist Cabinets

The cabinets in your bathroom need to be functional, and this is becoming more important to people. Rather than opting for more ostentatious options, people are increasingly choosing minimalist cabinets that are slick, simple and useful for bathroom storage. Furthermore fixtures and fittings as well as drawer handles are often concealed. Clean designs can work well if you have patterned tiles or bold prints on the walls. Of course you can achieve the same with a simple Showerwall panel design instead of tiles.

These kinds of cabinets add a bit of balance to the bathroom. When you have patterns and style vying for the eye’s attention, you need cabinets that are not going to overload the room and tip it over the edge. This is exactly what a good minimalist cabinet can do for your bathroom.

Luxurious Lighting

Versatile lighting is always really important when you are designing a bathroom. Right now, luxurious lighting is becoming more popular. The aim is to make the bathroom light and bright during the day, but also able to provide tranquillity and relaxation in the evenings. With good, luxurious lighting arrangements in place, this is what you’ll be able to achieve.

Sensor lights can offer you the perfect way to put adaptable and versatile lighting in place. Coloured mood lights should also be considered if you want that atmospheric quality that can suit bathrooms so well when you want to relax in them. Try to find luxurious lights that are also energy efficient. This will mean that you won’t have to change bulbs so often, and you’ll save money.