Making a Splash with Showerwall

In 2016, Chris Stanbury decided he wanted to fulfill his lifelong ambition and build his own narrowboat to live on full time, as a way to explore the British countryside. The whole boat is specified to his tastes and preferences with a striking pink design throughout. 

Chris was inspired to build his own boat in 2016, after visiting the Crick Boat Show. In 2019, he returned to the show to look for a boat builder and after speaking to 12 potential suppliers, he started working with Smithwood Narrowboats to create his own dream home on the water.

Almost two years later, the boat, named Elektra was finished and has a dedicated bedroom space, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. Chris has also decked it out with gadgets including cameras, surround sound TV and underfloor heating to ensure a comfortable experience as he embarks on his journey throughout the UK. The most eye-catching element of the design is the pink colour scheme, which has been included on the exterior and throughout the interior.

It was during his quest to design the inside of the boat that he came across Showerwall and realised that wall panels would be a perfect solution for his shower area.

Speaking about the project, Chris said: “The Showerwall panels appealed to me, as there is no need for grout in between them, making them easier and quicker to clean. After doing some more research, I discovered Showerwall offers a bespoke option and I was instantly sold on the idea of being able to personalise the bathroom to complement the whole boat theme.

“I began searching through my own photos for the best image to use for the bespoke option and quickly realised that any shots I had of people, nature or landscapes wouldn’t work due to the size of the bathroom space.

“Whilst on a visit to the boat during the construction stage, I took a photo of the fibre at the front of the extractor fan, as I liked the way the wires looped around. After I enlarged the photo, I realised it was the perfect design for my shower. I sent it off to Showerwall and a few weeks later, the panels arrived!”

Chris was so thrilled with the finished shower panels that he also used Showerwall for his kitchen splash back.

“When it came to the kitchen, I initially wanted to put an inspirational quote or phase behind the stove so it would provide some positivity whilst I was on my journey. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any stock imagery which worked, however a close friend then offered to create a personal design which is a heart with all my favourite things included. The panel produced by Showerwall now sits behind my induction hob and is truly the highlight of the whole boat.

“After selling my house and most of my possessions, it was important that this boat felt like a permanent home. With the help of the builders and suppliers, including Showerwall, it has become just that and I can’t wait to start my adventure on the water.”

Chris is documenting his journey via

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