5 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas to Update This Spring

Much like high fashion, interior design trends are constantly changing. What Good Housekeeping told you was the hottest idea of 2015 is now the most outdated, garish idea of 2018. Rather than overwhelm you with a list of what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve put together a few bathroom wall decor ideas we like.

Here’s hoping they can add a touch of spring, even if the weather’s still stuck in mid-winter.

Check out our five ideas below.

Nautical Notes

Nothing says sunshine like being at the seaside. If you’re lucky enough to be living near the beach then there’s no better way to bring your bathroom alive than by bringing the seaside inside. Conjure memories of the beach with this unique Nautical Wood decor; this decor with its washed and rustic effect planks is brand new to the collection.

There’s a boatload of nautical inspiration at Ideal Home for you to sink your teeth into.

Monochrome Palette

Azure Blue

The bathroom is usually the first place you go when you’ve woken up and pulled yourself out of bed. There’s no better way to accelerate that process than being greeted by plenty of bright light when you walk in.

A monochrome palette is the perfect bathroom wall decor to bring out all the natural light that fills your bathroom. Head over to our Showerwall Visualiser to get a feel for your new monochrome space.

Lively Patterns

Have you been forced to hush your flair in the rest of your home? Been told your desire for crazy patterns is too much? Well, you’re in luck…

Your bathroom is one room in your home where clashing with panache not only works, it excels! That’s because the lively patterns that might overwhelm large spaces are confined to the smaller area bringing the whole room alive.

This bathroom has lobsters on the wall! That’s just one idea for how eccentric you can go.

Statement Bathroom Wall Decor

If you want to be bold but are too conservative for an entire room of loudness, why not try a piece of statement art. Typically loudly and proudly displayed above the bath. Although in smaller homes without the luxury of a bath placing a striking art piece above the toilet can have the same effect.

If you’re using this approach then make sure your walls give your art space to pop by remaining subdued, plenty of our Showerwall Panels are subtle and understated.

Abstract Wall Art

We hear you, you’re working on a tight budget and don’t have the ability to splash on a fancy piece of statement art – least of all for your bathroom wall decor!

With the rise and rise of DIY (Thanks IKEA), you can make your own abstract art pieces to take centre stage on your bathroom wall decor. A few pieces of funky wallpaper and a few frames and you’re on your way to a MOMA inspired bathroom.

Have a look at our free samples shop to see if there are any shower panel designs you could use to transform your bathroom in a hurry this Spring.

Wrapping it Up

Five snappy ideas to update your bathroom from nautical notes to abstract wall art. There are plenty of options. Which one stood out most for you?

Maybe you’re happy with your bathroom decor, but want to bring it into the 21st century with a technology update. Well, look no further! We’ve already covered the essential smart tech bathroom options.