5 Bathroom Accessories You Must Have This Spring

If your bathroom’s in need of an update then you’ve got a hundred little decisions to make. Your bathroom suite or shower enclosure, layout and lighting are all things you’ll need to think about beforehand.

And then comes the fun part – choosing your bathroom accessories, the little things that make it yours. So, what are the essential bathroom accessories you’ve just got to have? Keep reading to find out.

1. A Toasty Heated Towel Rail

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In the cold British winter (and, let’s face it, the cold British summer), heated towel rails are an absolute must. They’ll keep your towels toasty warm while you’re in the bath or shower, so you won’t have to shiver while you’re drying off.

The most popular towel rails are plumbed into your heating system and basically act as your bathroom’s radiator. Or if you prefer, you can buy an electric towel rail that’s wired into your bathroom instead, for instant heat when you switch it on.

2. A Statement Mirror

Any bathroom needs a mirror, but for yours to feel like more than just a 5-minutes-in-the-morning kind of place, the right mirror will work wonders.

Install the largest mirror you can comfortably fit in your bathroom. Mirrors work best above the sink, for obvious reasons, but if your sink is beneath a window, then a different spot will have to do.

Opt for a frame if possible, though mirrors set into a wall are also a great option. Framed mirrors add a touch of elegance to a room, and can turn it into a piece of art.

3. Elegant Showerwall Panels

Vertical Tile Teal

Your walls and floors are a sure way to add personality to your bathroom. For truly waterproof, mould-proof, life-proof walls, opt for Showerwall.

Not only does Showerwall comes in an array of styles, patterns and colors, but it costs less than traditional tiles, and is easier and faster to install, too. That’s a win-win in our books.

4. The Right Loo-Roll Holder

Nobody should ever skip the toilet-roll holder in their bathroom – too many loo rolls have been lost to the toilet bowl, and many necks have been tweaked trying to reach for it on top of the cistern.

The perfect toilet roll holder should be wall-mounted and placed on the wall adjacent to, not behind, you if at all possible. To get just the right height, sit on your (closed) loo and mark out where to hang it.

5. A Handy Bathroom Cabinet


Bathroom cabinets are often an afterthought, but for a neat and tidy space, these storage solutions are essential bathroom accessories.

The size of cabinet you choose depends very much on the size of your room and your lifestyle. If you have a large room and a host of styling products, go big. If you have a smaller space, a more petite cabinet will do the job nicely.

The Bottom Line on the Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom should be your own private sanctuary, and dressing it with the right bathroom accessories will help you get the effect you’re after.

Choose accessories that are beautiful yet functional, and you’ll achieve the bathroom of your dreams when you decorate yours.

Are you interested in Showerwall for your bathroom? Why not contact your local stockist and see how they can help or perhaps browse the available decors and order a free sample.