5 Bathroom Wall Ideas You’ll Instantly Fall in Love With

There is nothing worse than a drab and unexciting shower.

Bathrooms are often the major selling point for potential homeowners. If your bathroom is outdated, unstylish and uninteresting to look at, it could severely damage your home’s overall quality.

So how should you go about making sure your bathroom is as beautiful as the rest of your home?

Maybe look at some of these bathroom wall ideas! Soon your bathroom will be your favourite room in your home.

1. Unique Shower Designs

Tile doesn’t have to be relegated to your bathroom floor. With some simple DIY choices, you can turn your shower into a true sanctuary.

Many designers are choosing bright colours for their tile choices. Bright blue is very popular this year. Popular in Mediterranean homes, this colour choice may lend your space a timeless feel. Find Adriatic sea tile and let the honeycomb tile transport your room into another time and place.

Adriatic sea tile is an excellent choice for smaller rooms. And if your shower comes equipped with multiple appliances, this tile will work well with it as well.

2. Abstract Wall Art

If you’re not up to tiling your bathroom yourself, then maybe it’s time to try shower panelling.

Shower panels are easier to install than tile. They are also more hygienic. Shower walls are moisture-proof and come in a multitude of designs. With a no grout line finish, shower panels offer you an easy to clean finish without the worry of mould build-up.

If you want a marble-walled shower, you can have that. Without breaking the bank too!

Or if you’re a fan of colourful and unusual designs, you can choose from a multitude of abstract shower wall art. These designs are guaranteed to make your space pop with colour.

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3. Update Your Wall Colour

The easiest way to update your bathroom is to get some new paint up on your walls.

Choosing a new colour that might accentuate your new tile or shower panelling is a great way to tie your space together. Make sure you choose a colour that is cohesive with all of your accessories.

The nice thing about updating your paint is that it’s easy to do. If you have a design you’d like to bring into your space, you can easily replicate it with some painter’s masking tape and paint.

4. Vinyl Wallpaper

Adding Vinyl Wallpaper to your bathroom can really make your bathroom stand out. With a variety of designs, patterns and unique colours, it’s a great and alternative way to change up your bathroom design.

Providing you with waterproof facilities allows it to be placed in a room which is known for its high moisture content and has the ability to be cleaned easily without fear of damaging your walls.

5. Bring Back An Old Classic

Tiles are still as popular as ever and adding them into your bathroom can really change up the area. Slightly harder to maintain in comparison to wall panels but can make your bathroom look like a classic work of art. Seen in a lot of modern and classic bathrooms, tiling is suitable for every taste and style. Available in all classic colours, tiling around your shower might be the best step to making your outdated bathroom into an instant classic.

Starlight Blush

We Have Some Unique Bathroom Wall Ideas You Might Like

Bathroom decor doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

There are many ways to make your bathroom updates without busting your wallet. You can give your space a modern feel and make it into a space you love, instead of one you dread walking into.

Shower panelling is definitely easier to attempt than tiling.

If you would like to learn more about it, please visit this page of our site. We offer many free samples that you can order to view at home. This will help you decide just what kind of design you’d like to try on your shower walls.

From marble to industrial urban, we have many designs to choose from.

With our unique bathroom wall ideas, you will soon have the modern, beautiful bathroom you’ve always wanted!