Modular Buildings
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Our panel system is designed to enhance modular construction. The seamless design requires no grout and not only looks great but is also highly durable. To ensure complete waterproofing and protection against moisture damage, our panels utilise our Proclick technology and Sureseal systems. Offering peace of mind guaranteeing the longevity of our product.

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The product at a glance

fast and easy installation

Fast & Easy Installation


Safe to Transport

30 year


100 waterproof

100% Waterproof System

Quickly Waterproof a space

Start and finish in less than a day with our quick-to-install wall panelling system. Installation time is significantly reduced as unlike tiles, there is no drying time or grout required; ensuring that often tight on-site schedules are not impacted.

Broad Appeal

Our range of neutral decors ensures a colour palette that everyone can enjoy and a stylish interior for any environment. The selected decors suit many styles; meaning that a variety of areas can be covered with one design, reducing the hassle associated with selection and cost.

A Responsible and Sustainable partner

Showerwall is manufactured in the UK using the latest equipment and techniques, providing a technically sound and quality finished product. From the point of order to the best-in-class production packaging, our dedicated sample and aftersales service ensure your complete satisfaction every time.

All Showerwall Laminate panels are manufactured using an FSC-certified Exterior Grade MDF core, guaranteeing that the timber used is harvested from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. By purchasing a product with such a certification, you are supporting forest management worldwide.