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Our stylish and waterproof wall panels are the perfect solution for creating characterful statement walls that will impress your guests. With realistic textures or glossy finishes, our panels bring style to any space, making them the ideal choice for hotels looking to add a touch of sophistication to their guest rooms.

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The product at a glance

fast and easy installation

Bespoke Design


Reduced Guest Disruption

30 year

Save Time and Money

easy to clean

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Reduce Guest Disruption

Our easy-to-install wall panels streamline the installation process, minimising downtime and maximising guest satisfaction. From a quick set-up to a 100% waterproof system, Showerwall panels offer a hassle-free solution to renovation that lasts.

Trend Setter

Whether your establishment exudes modern elegance or rustic charm, our panels are designed to complement any aesthetic. With a variety of colours, patterns and finishes, you can effortlessly enhance your space while staying on-trend.

Wipe Clean Solution

Thanks to our watertight Sureseal and trim system, Showerwall requires next to no maintenance with a simple wipe-clean surface. This reduces time spent cleaning by facilities teams and ensures the highest level of hygiene is retained.

Reduce Budget Impact

Our smart wall panelling system allows you to cost-effectively waterproof and area. This is thanks to reduced material costs and fit-in-a-day capabilities with no need for grout.