Showerwall FAQs

No. This product is too heavy to apply to ceilings and if applied to the floor would not be slip resistant.

No. We recommend that you use Showewall Sureseal. This is a two part system for shower trays and baths comprising of a PVC strip and a high performance Showerwall white silicone. If you choose not to use Sureseal, a 3mm expansion gap should always be left between the panel and tray/bath and then sealed.

For one panel, approximately 1 cartridge of Showerwall Adhesive and 1 cartridge of Showerwall Sealant is required.

HPL Showerwall Range
600mm Proclick = approximately 15kg
900mm Square Cut = approximately 25kg
1200mm Square Cut and Proclick = approximately 30kg

Acrylic and Customs Showerwall Ranges
900mm Acrylic = approximately 10.5kg
1220mm Acrylic = approximately 14kg

Yes. You should always use additional battens behind hand basins, towel rails, and other heavy items – for example furniture; please ensure that adequate sealant is applied to all fixings.

Yes, adhesive and sealant is required to install this product. Showerwall sealants and adhesives have been developed especially for fitting the Showerwall system. The use of alternative products may invalidate your guarantee.

No. This is due to the size of raw materials used.

Yes, providing that the décor pattern will adapt. The bath needs to be installed and panelled first. Showerwall panels need to be installed in accordance to the fitting instructions.

Yes. We have an installation kit available in various finishes and the option of clear or white sealant. The kit has everything you require to install a two sided shower cubicle.

Yes. Invariably, sealants can break down over time. It is essential to ensure that sealant is maintained in order to avoid water ingress into the panel.

Treated timber battens of approximately 50mm x 25mm should be fixed horizontally with one at the head and the base of the panels. Additional horizontal battens are recommended to be at a distance of 500mm apart.

The Showerwall guarantee is applicable to a fully finished, correctly installed and sealed Showerwall system. Showerwall panels have a high pressure laminate surface which itself is guaranteed to remain waterproof. The panels are also guaranteed not to crack or delaminate during this 30-year period. The core material of the panel is moisture resistant, providing that all panel edges and joints are sealed correctly in accordance to the installation instructions that are supplied with the panels meaning that the system is guaranteed to be waterproof. Full details of the guarantee are available from the Guarantee Registration page.

The hardwearing surface of Showerwall can be hygienically cleaned with Showerwall cleaner which is a mild, nonabrasive cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent.

Yes, you can apply Showerwall to plasterboard providing that the wall is level. If the wall is not level, then please ensure to apply it to a batten system and not to the surface of the wall.

Yes. Showerwall can be fitted by a competent DIY person – professional fitting is not essential. Only general DIY tools are required to install the Showerwall system. Our installation guides for both the Acrylic and HPL ranges are available here.

Showerwall is available in many decors and textures. If you choose decors with a gloss finish, the watermarks will show no more than is expected than those on a tiled surface. We recommend that you use Showerwall cleaner.

Yes. You can fit Showerwall panels over the top of tiles, but only when the tiles have been degreased.

Showerwall panels have a moisture resistant core and are bonded to high pressure laminate. When installed using the Showerwall fitting instructions and accessories, this will give you a waterproof panelling system.