Environmental Story

We’re serious about our impact on the planet. Thats why we’re making changes to leave as little mark as possible.

From recycled materials to biomass recycling, here are a few things we’ve already implemented across the business … and we’re not finished yet.

sustainable panels

Sustainable panels

All Showerwall Laminate panels are manufactured using an FSC® certified core, guaranteeing that the timber used is harvested from responsibly managed forests.

By purchasing a product with such certification, you are supporting sustainable forest management across the world.

Made in Britain

As all Showerwall panels and accompanying marketing materials are manufactured in the UK, the delivery to our customer will use less fuel, compared to products made around the world, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

made in britain
eco friendly head office

Eco-friendly head office

The Showerwall Head Office & Factory site is a sustainable building, including solar panels, LED & passive lighting, electric charging points and also uses green energy.

Cold bonding press

We use a cold bonding press when manufacturing our panels – bonding our laminate to our core board uses less energy than a traditional hot press.

cold bonding press
uv ink free acrylic printers

UV ink free acrylic printers

Our acrylic printer no longer uses UV ink which previously required the use of ventilation and safety equipment. This is better for the environment and our staff as it is no longer releases odours and airborne chemicals into the atmosphere.

Biomass recycling

Off cuts from 900mm panels are separated and sent to a Biomass recycling station. Waste from our factory dust extraction system is also sent to Biomass.

biomass recycling
recycle & resuse

Recycle & Reuse

We recycle and refill the storage containers our bonding glue is kept in. Our acrylic printer also uses HP for all ink cartridges, for which we have a collect and recycle system in place.

Electric forklifts

All forklifts used at the Showerwall factory are electric.

electric forklift
recycled packaging

Recycled packaging

The cardboard we use for packaging is recycled and fully recyclable. Any excess cardboard or polythene used at the factory is sent for baling to support the separation of waste stream. We also recycle the pallets used for shipping laminate and use them to redistribute our finished panels direct to our customers.