9 Inspiring Ways You Can Customise Your Bathroom

Starlight Emerald

Have you ever wandered into your bathroom and realised that it is looking a bit bland and boring? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with some of the easiest ways to customise your bathroom so it is truly unique to your taste. 

Implementing just one of our tips will make your guests envious of your bathroom and will make the room the centre of the house. 

1. Add Some Unique Features

One of the easiest ways to customise your bathroom is to add some unique objects which suit your taste and style. 

2. Quirky storage containers

Shampoo bottles, shower gel, shaving foam, toilet cleaner, toilet rolls and other items which you might find lurking around in your bathroom can take up a lot of space and contribute to the room looking untidy. Investing in some storage containers will help you stay on top of this unnecessary mess. But who said these storage containers needed to look boring? Make use of metal or wicker baskets, small trays or even bowls. If you have space, consider adding a large cabinet which helps with storage as well as adding a chic element to your bathroom. 

3. Flowers and Vases

Flowers aren’t just for the living room or dining table, adding an element of natural colour to your bathroom can really help it become one of the most relaxing places in the house. If you’re worried about keeping the flowers alive, consider investing in some artificial flowers which you can spray with a nice scent every now and then to help provide the illusion that they are real. Team the flowers with some vases which are unique to your style.

4. Pictures

Adding pictures into your bathroom is nothing new but it is a trend which should be considered in all bathrooms. Adding a piece of pop art or even a landscape image of a beach can really add to the relaxing atmosphere as well as giving your bathroom its own personality. Landscape images work best in this environment as it can improve the feel of the size of the room. 

5. Mirrors

Every bathroom should have a mirror but who said this has to be a standard mirror? There are so many unique ones out there from old fashioned wooden mirrors to smart mirrors. 

Large mirrors can help increase the size of your bathroom but smaller ones are considered talking points. Choose one that matches you.

6. Bathmats

Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with a bold bathmat. This is a great and affordable way of introducing your own style into your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to make your bathroom feel more like a spa or a bohemian dream, bath mats are the perfect choice to really make your bathroom shine. 

7. Make a Statement With Wall Panels

Adding Showerwall Panels to your bathroom is a great way of adding a unique touch. Available in a wide range of designs, Showerwall’s Acrylic Collection will help easily add a unique feel to your bathroom. 

All Showerwall panels are waterproof and are easy to fit. Adding bathroom panels is a great way to add a touch of authenticity to your bathroom whilst also being cost-effective and comes with a 30 year warranty. 

8. Decorative Screens

Showerscreens don’t need to be boring. Consider replacing your old shower curtain or screen with a decorative glass panel. Showerscreens are hygienic, easy to clean and help to avoid a build-up of mould. With a wide range of patterns out there including the classic single-lined frame to something more dramatic such as a gridscape finish, there’s plenty to choose from! 

9. Add a Splash of Colour

Adding a splash of colour around a fitted feature can really make a huge difference to your bathroom. Whether that’s adding a bright orange around your sink area or painting the wall behind your toilet a dark black whilst the rest of your bathroom is white. This simple technique can change the way you view your bathroom. If you want to stick with a basic colour, consider changing your design to a bolder, colourful laminate flooring. The possibilities are endless. Showerwall panels can be used to a stunning effect inside and outside the shower. You can place these as wall covering around the sink, toilet or all over the room. 

10. Get a New Bathtub or Shower

A more expensive option is replacing your standard bathtub or shower head. Freestanding bathtubs have grown in popularity over the years with more people opting to have these installed in their bathroom. These allow your bathroom to look more spacious and also add a modern, designer feel. If you don’t have a bathtub but have a walk-in shower, consider changing your shower to a waterfall shower or, if it’s big enough, consider installing two shower heads for you and your better half. No more arguing over the shower in the morning. 


So there you have our suggestions on ways you can customise your bathroom. We’d love to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below. For more tips and news, check out our blog or give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook.