Bathroom Wallpaper – A Good or Bad Idea?

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We use wallpaper all over our house. From the bold prints popular in the 70’s to subtle and classy modern designs, wallpaper has always been our go-to choice for decoration. However, one place that people are scared of using wallpaper in is the bathroom. This isn’t surprising considering it’s an environment which is prone to high moisture which doesn’t mix well with wallpaper.

In the Victorian era, wallpaper was used in bathrooms. This could be considered good as the Victorians were known to be incredibly stylish but they also didn’t have steamy showers.

If you are considering using wallpaper in the bathroom, the good news is that you can use specially designed wallpaper which is water-resistant and has a thick vinyl coating which will deflect any moisture. The big question is, is it a good idea to put wallpaper up in your bathroom?

Modern bathrooms may be fitted with extractor fans and windows but these can only remove small amounts of moisture. Wallpaper wasn’t initially designed to be used in the bathroom but now there are premium wallpapers that can be used in rooms with high moisture. If you use wallpaper not designed for this area, you’ll start to notice the damage after a few months and will need to replace it sooner than you hoped. 

What Style to Choose For Your Bathroom

Like everything, the style of your wallpaper really comes down to your personal taste. However, you need to plan in terms of how the rest of the bathroom will look or is going to look. You need to make sure that the wallpaper isn’t going to look out of place alongside your bathroom furniture and suite.

When choosing wallpaper, people tend to consider options with a repeating pattern rather than a plain colour. Patterns add warmth and can also help to cover any imperfection in your bathrooms, such as disguising cracks in the walls. However, because bathroom wallpaper is such a niche product, there tend to be limited design options available and it can be expensive. 

Why not consider wallpanelling as an alternative? Our wall panels are available as an off the shelf product. However, if you can’t find the colour or pattern you are looking for, they can be custom made to suit your style. Our bathroom wall panelling is made from acrylic and because our panels are 100% waterproof, they will not peel or become mouldy in a humid environment

Black and White Bathroom Wallpaper

Black and white bathrooms offer a fairly traditional look and by teaming it with a monochrome wallpaper you’ll be able to complete the overall look. By adding brighter fixtures, you’ll be adding a contrast and helping them stand out in the overall decor which is the perfect way to bring attention towards that expensive shower unit you bought.

Glass-Like Acrylic 

Using glass-like acrylic gives you a vibrant look and allows you to go a bit bolder even in a small room. Designs can give you a metallic lustre, splash or bright colour but also a more subtle muted pastels. Why not consider patterns such as Vintage Birds, Oriental, Pineapple or Flamingo

When choosing your pattern, pick out a colour to provide an accent and match the scheme around the bathroom e.g. matching towels. This will bring the room together and the patterns on the wall panels will be broken up by the objects around the bathroom. 

Consider a Showerwall Panel

If you are worried about adding wallpaper to your bathroom, consider adding a Showerwall panel. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, all designed to enhance the decor of your bathroom. They could be considered a great alternative to wallpaper. We also offer a customisable wall panel to really make your bathroom your own. 

Wallpaper, tiles, Showerwall Panels, it’s really up to you. Your bathroom is what you make of it and wallpaper should definitely be on your list to consider.