Bathroom trends guide by Lorah-Kate from Sheffield Semi 1930


We’ve teamed up with Lorah-Kate AKA Sheffield Semi 1930 on Instagram to share her favourite bathroom trends:

Bringing nature into the bathroom…

This is one of my favourite trends that I think will now always be around, forever, not just for the bathroom, but for anywhere in your home. Finding good bathroom plants, faux or real ones, will always make it look more calming and restorative. Bringing in nature in other ways too such as through prints, wallpaper, tiles and panelling will also make your bathroom feel more like a spa experience. I always feel like the more jungle the bathroom feels, the better. There’s nothing better than sitting on the loo and admiring the plants and scenery and with Showerwall panels you can opt to have everything from pineapples through to cheese plants on your walls! The Showerwall panels are incredibly easy-to-fit and will transform your bathroom in half the time of tiling, which is a great option for embracing the latest trend.


Bathroom plant suggestions – bamboo, Chinese evergreen, spider plants (I have these everywhere as they tend to survive well), and all types of ferns are the plants best placed in a bathroom climate and most likely to do well.

I love a hanging plant, so if you’re struggling on where to put said plants, a hanging plant is always a good option to have from the ceiling, shower cubicle/panel or from a windowsill.

Deep blue… 

Apparently, this is a popular one for bathrooms at the minute, and I can see why. Lots of people (including us) are loving a moody, dark or deep blue bathroom at the moment and many are pairing it with accents of white or colour, for example the top half of the room. This can stop the feeling of being too enclosed or making a room (especially a bathroom) feel small. Moodiness can create the feel of expense and luxury (which who doesn’t love that feel?). This means it’s a good one for being timeless as it’s not like we change our bathrooms every few months!navy subway

Blues – think navy, inky blues and versatile midnight blues. These can be paired with very pale pinks or slight blues for contrast or pure white with a touch of grey. I love the idea of teaming the Showerwall Pineapple with the Navy Subway (both in the Acrylic Collection) design, to create a striking bathroom or cloakroom.

Feeling daring? How about painting the ceiling to match these dreamy, deep blues. Imagine laying in the bath and looking up at the deep blue ceiling like a dark stormy night.

Bright accents of colour… 

Bathrooms can lack colour a lot of the time and white tends to be the colour of choice. It’s great to see splashes of colour and darkness creeping into bathrooms this year through attractive tiles or daring wallpaper. As paint is so easy to change, it’s great to be able to paint whatever colours you like and not feel like it’s a permanent decision. If you go for easy panelling with Showerwall, their waterproof panels can be fitted either in a shower, behind a bath or as a splashback for sinks.

vertical tile teal

Showerwall provides a range of bathroom panels in over 100 different designs, plus there is even an option to create personalised wall panels featuring a favourite holiday photo or location.