Transform Your Bathroom: Fun & Funky Makeover Ideas


The bathroom needs to be one of the most functional spaces in the home, but that doesn’t mean compromising on style or aesthetics.

Vertical Tile Teal

2022 bathroom trends are all about being bold, brave and saying goodbye to plain walls. For those who are confident enough to embrace this look, the Showerwall Funky and Playful wall panel designs can create a truly unique space in their home.

The striking new Vertical Tile in Teal (shown below) is a statement for any bathroom, especially when paired with natural timber finishes and simple accessories.

Grafito Tile Blush

For those who have a preference for patterns, Grafito Tile Blush (shown below), Black Geo, Diamond or Retro Sunshine quickly emulate a 60s feel in the bathroom.

Aside from patterns and tiles, the collection also includes striking prints. The colourful Pineapple wall panels (shown below) are a great way to brighten any space, especially when contrasted with darker hues such as deep navy blue.

To embrace the trend in a more subtle way, Opal and Positano Blue Terrazzo (shown below) are great options. When matched with house plants, black brassware and standout accessories both will create a serene yet trendy bathroom.


Showerwall panels are extremely versatile, cost effective and less time consuming to fit and maintain than tiles. They can be fitted by a competent DIY-er or trades professional to either a clean plastered wall or over existing tiles, and are suitable for use in shower enclosures, around the bath and behind basins.

positano blue terrazzo

Showerwall’s acrylic panels are constructed from 4mm acrylic and have a sleek, polished glass-like finish. Wall panels in the Laminate collection are constructed with moisture resistant MDF core and a high-pressure laminate surface and come in a range of finishes including gloss, matt and textured. Both collections deliver a waterproof system that’s hard-wearing, hygienic and easy to clean, all without compromising on style.

For added peace of mind, Showerwall panels come with a 30-year guarantee.




The Importance of Lighting in a Funky Bathroom

While wall panels and accessories play a significant role in setting the mood, one must not overlook the importance of lighting. Consider installing LED strip lights or pendant lights with colourful shades to complement your wall panels. Dimmable lights can also add a touch of luxury, allowing you to adjust the ambiance according to your mood.

The Role of Textiles

Another way to add flair to your bathroom is through textiles. Opt for vibrant bath mats, towels, and shower curtains that match or contrast with your wall panels. These textiles not only serve a functional purpose but also act as decorative elements that can be easily swapped out to refresh the look.

Sustainability Matters

As you venture into making your bathroom a fun and funky space, consider the environmental impact of your choices. Showerwall panels are a great start as they come with a 30-year guarantee, ensuring longevity. Additionally, look for eco-friendly accessories and fixtures that help conserve water and energy.

Tech-Savvy Bathrooms

In this digital age, why not incorporate some technology into your bathroom? Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, smart mirrors, and digital shower controls can make your bathroom not just stylish but also highly functional.


Transforming your bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Showerwall’s versatile and stylish wall panels, along with thoughtful choices in lighting, textiles, and technology, you can easily turn your bathroom into a sanctuary that reflects your personality and style.