Veneto Marble


Our system comes with two key components which ensure a watertight seal for all our Laminate panels; available in a range of colours to suit every decor. Easy to install and maintain.


In order to ensure a watertight finish, trims are required for the outer edges of the panels as well as both internal and external corners. Five trims are available dependant on where you would like to fit our panels. Note: all trims measure 2450mm in length and should be sealed using Showerwall sealant.

trims 01

Internal Corner
Used on all internal 90º corners.

trims 02

Joining Trim
Used to mount panels side by side.

trims 03

External Corner
Used on all external 90º corners.

trims 04
trims 05

Finishing End Trims & Quadrant Trims
Finishing end trims for panels.

Five available trim colours:

bright silver 1 1 150x58

Bright Silver

satin silver 1 1 150x58

Satin Silver

antique gold 1 150x58

Antique Gold*

white gloss 1 150x58

White Gloss

black silk 1 1 150x58

Black Silk

*Quadrant trims are not available in this colour

sureseal benefits icons cost effective icon black

Maintenance free

sureseal benefits icons fast and easy black

4 point sealing system

sureseal benefits icons fit over tiles black

Protects panel & wall

sureseal benefits icons no grout black

No unsightly sealant lines

sureseal benefits icons no grout black copy

No discolouration

sureseal benefits icons no grout black copy 2

Fit and forget

surseal white (1)


At the base of the Showerwall panel, even greater sealing performance is achieved using Sureseal. Fit and forget using the only maintenance-free shower seal on the market with no future resealing required. This four point sealing system is quick and easy to install, leaving the entire base of the panel encapsulated in sealant without any unsightly lines. Sureseal measures 2450mm long.

Sureseal front capping is available in three colours:






Satin Silver

Sealant & Adhesive

We recommend that Showerwall’s own brand of adhesive and sealants are used for the effective fitting of Laminate to wall and sealing between respectively. Our Showerwall guarantee only applies if the correct products are used when fitting Showerwall panels.

sealant adhesive