Compact Silver Grey


Our Compact product comes with a system of trims which ensure a watertight seal; available in a range of colours. Easy to install and maintain.


In order to ensure a watertight finish, trims are required for the joins and outer edges of the panels, as well as both internal and external corners.

Four trims are available dependant on where you would like to fit our panels. Note: all trims measure 2450mm in length and should be sealed using Showerwall sealant.

compact trims 01 01

Internal Corner
Used on all internal 90º corners.

compact trims 01 02

Joining Trim
Used to mount panels side by side.

compact trims 01 03

External Corner
Used on all external 90º corners.

compact trims 01 04

Finishing End Trims
Finishing end trims for panels.

Four available trim colours:

bright silver 1 1 150x58


satin silver 1 1 150x58

Satin Silver

white gloss 1 150x58


black silk 1 1 150x58